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It ain’t bragging if it’s true. Read what customers are saying about our online Texas defensive driving course.

1/12/15 | Austin, TX


I saw it listed as one of the options on the Texas DOT website. I chose it because of the name, and I was pleasantly surprised by how professional and informative as well as entertaining it was. I liked the design of the interface.

1/12/15 | Richmond, TX


Awesome customer support

1/7/15 | Fort Worth, TX


Informative and entertaining. I learned things that I didn't know. For example, never attaching the negative on a dead battery.

1/6/15 | Fort Worth, TX


I used your course before and returned because I liked it! I do not remember how I found you the first time.

12/18/14 | Pearland, TX


very good course

12/9/14 | Fort Huachuca, TX


Great course! Love the jokes that were thrown in with the reading and many of the videos were fun and informative.

12/5/14 | Bellville, TX


Best class I’ve ever taken. Really enjoyed it, and laughed too!

12/5/14 | Murphy, TX


I used this course the last time I needed to dismiss a traffic ticket. It was so user friendly and I learned a lot, so I went back this time. Hopefully I won’t have to use it again!

12/4/14 | Austin, TX


Really liked the voice over! Loved that there wasn’t a final exam - just 2 question quizzes after each short section. It went much faster than sitting in class all day -- felt like a total of 4hrs to me.

11/30/14 | Austin, TX


this course was great.