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It ain’t bragging if it’s true. Read what customers are saying about our online Texas defensive driving course.

6/16/15 | Cedar Park, Texas


Very informative. Clever usage of learning materials. Learned a lot, I now have a handy list of emergency items I should have in my car, I feel more confident about handling skidding situations if they are to occur, and many useful driving tips/laws.

6/15/15 | Houston, Texas

above average

Doing this course on my iPad, I was very happy that the interface of the webpage wasn't screwed up (since I didn't actually do it on a computer), but once or twice the page would glitch and kick me completely off of safari (usually during a test), though it didn\'t happen a bunch. But overall the course has been great.

6/11/15 | The Woodlands, Texas


TEA website

6/10/15 | Frisco, Texas


It wasn't boring and it had some humor. I loved the videos!

6/9/15 | Arlington, Texas



6/8/15 | Plano, Texas


This was a very user-friendly, and an enjoyable course.

6/7/2015 | Plano, Texas


the audio option is great

6/6/2015 | Austin, Texas


I was recommended to take this course by a classmate, and I will definitely recomend it as well.

6/4/2015 | Austin, Texas

above average

Don\'t do the longest section at the end. It''s a real bummer.

6/2/15 | Odessa, Texas

above average

I think some of the training material had funny comments so it made it more interesting. Made me pay more attention. The the wrecks were real and it really makes you think about things that you don't really think about until it happens to you. Overall, this was a good course to take.