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It ain’t bragging if it’s true. Read what customers are saying about our online Texas defensive driving course.

2/22/15 | Dallas, TX


Great customer service!

2/17/15 | Arlington, TX


this was a great learning process.

2/9/15 | Kileen, TX


I appreciate the insightful information and its terminology was where i could understand it.

2/2/15 | Allen, TX


I loved the course.

1/27/15 | Austin, TX


Concise writing; helpful, entertaining videos

1/26/15 | Houston, TX


Great course!

1/25/15 | San Antonio, TX


This course was interesting because of how the information was presented. It was entertaining enough that it helped me focus on the details. Working the course around my schedule was the most important asset to me.

1/19/15 | San Antonio, TX

above average

The course worked great... the video of the car going 35mph and striking a child was very effective.

1/17/15 | Brenham, TX

below average

I felt like I knew most of the information presented. I suppose the state requires certain information that makes it redundant. Section on alcohol and emergency tips were good. Seemed much longer than 6 hours...

1/14/15 | Montgomery, TX


I really enjoyed the class. I've taken several DD classes and, by far, this one has been the best!