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Course Overview

comedy defensive driving online

Introducing defensive driving that’s more ha, ha, ha. Less ho-hum.

Drive Like This is easy and fun. Not cheesy and dumb. Enjoy amusing videos, pictures and graphics. Then get your traffic ticket dismissed and qualify for auto insurance discounts.

Real easy.

Only five hours of instruction (the shortest amount allowed by law) plus one hour of break time. And, there’s no final exam! Instead, you’ll take simple a two-question quiz at the end of each unit. Easy, breezy.

Real fun.

New course content developed by an award-winning creative team. Drive Like This offers a fresh, original approach to defensive driving.

Real comedy.

Have you ever taken a defensive driving comedy course and wondered, “Where’s the comedy?” We’ve got it right here. Our course features new videos that are more ha, ha, ha. Less ho-hum.

Online anytime.

defensive driving comedy driving school

Don’t take a defensive driving class, take our online course instead. Then, complete the course on your schedule—anywhere, anytime. The course is available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week from your home, work or local coffee shop. Complete the course all in a day, or take it a few minutes at a time—you decide.

You’re not alone.

Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you’re on your own. If you have questions or need assistance, we have actual human beings ready to help 24/7.