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Got a ticket? Laugh it off.

texas ticket dismissal online

Dismiss your traffic ticket with our online defensive driving course (and a chuckle).

Getting a ticket is a pain, getting out of one isn’t because we offer the easiest, fastest and funnest ticket dismissal course around.

How it works.

In Texas, drivers are allowed to dismiss one traffic citation per year by taking a State-approved driver safety (defensive driving) course. That means no new points on your driving record and your insurance agent won’t find out about your sometimes “less-than-perfect” driving habits.

Official State of Texas Driver Safety Course Provider

From Dallas to Driftwood and Houston to Hondo, our course is accepted by all Texas courts to dismiss your traffic ticket.

Dismiss your ticket in three easy steps.

Step 1: Obtain court permission.

Most courts require you to get their permission before taking the course. Remember to contact them before the appearance date shown on your ticket.

Step 2: Complete the course.

Sign up and complete our State-approved online defensive driving course. When you finish, we’ll send your Certificate of Course Completion to submit to the court.

Step 3: Submit documents.

Submit your Certificate of Course Completion, court fees and copy of driving record (if required) to the court before the 90-day deadline.

Note: There are other criteria and the court has the final decision on whether you'll be permitted to dismiss the ticket by completing a driving safety course. The court will dismiss only one charge for each completion of a course.