Using the Online Course

Logging in and out.

Use the student login and logout button to enter and exit the course. When you logout, your course progress is saved—when you return, you can begin right where you left off.

defensive driving course


For information about your course status, go to the Dashboard. In the Dashboard you can:

  • resume the course
  • view your progress
  • check your break time total
  • change your shipping address
  • change certificate delivery method
  • update ticket and court information
  • check verification status

Navigating the course.

online defensive driving course

You’re required to view the lessons in order and aren’t allowed to skip ahead. To proceed through the course, click the “forward” arrow button located at the bottom of the page. To go back and review previous lessons, either click the “back” arrow button or use the course lesson menu.

Unit timer.

The unit timer located at the bottom of the page displays the remaining time you’re required to view the unit lessons. If you reach the end of a unit before meeting the minimum time requirement, your forward progress is blocked.

defensive driving course timing

Using multimedia players.


The course contains several videos and slideshows. To watch a video, click the "play" button located on the video screen. To view images in a slideshow, click the red "forward" or "back" arrow located on either side.


defensive driving course player

If reading isn’t your thing, turn on the course narrator. Then, just sit back, relax and listen as the course material is read to you. The narration player allows you to turn the narration on or off, adjust volume, play, pause, rewind and repeat.

Get help.

If you have questions or need assistance, go to the “help” menu. From there, you can find answers to frequently asked questions or contact us directly.